Criminal Lawyer Peoria IL

A Criminal Lawyer in Peoria IL Vital for Your Legal Advocacy

Criminal Lawyer Peoria IL

“We’re going to go forward with criminal charges” can be one of the most frightening phrases to hear, whatever the situation. It can be especially concerning if you’re not familiar with the current legal system, so you’ll be automatically at a disadvantage in trying to understand what’s happening and what’s potentially ahead.

Depending on what authorities are charging you with, you could potentially face jail time and fines. Of course, charges can always be dismissed or you can receive an acquittal, but it still may feel like a long shot at the beginning of the judicial process.

In these types of situations, a criminal lawyer in Peoria IL is an asset. He or she can be with you every step of the way and advise you what’s ahead and what options you have. Our lawyers will also discuss with opposing counsel about possible plea agreements or other disposition options, or follow your wishes and go to trial.

A criminal lawyer in Peoria IL can also assist you in your legal efforts, including research, investigations, interviewing potential witnesses and getting all the details that can prove your side of the allegations against you. If needed, they can also gather this info to try to convince a judge and jury that reasonable doubt exists of the charges against you.

On Track for the Right Legal Representation

Ideally, you should engage the services of a criminal lawyer in Peoria IL as early as possible, especially if you expect upcoming filings of criminal charges. They can accompany you to any initial interviews with law enforcement, which can be a critical time for investigations.

Although some criminal suspects try to use this time to plead their case or explain specific circumstances or contexts, experienced attorneys often say that this isn’t necessarily the best opportunity to do so. There will be opportunities later, which will have a better chance of charges being dismissed.

Criminal Lawyer Peoria IL

If you’re already in custody, we can work with your family to seek your release or lower your bail amount.

The firm of Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates has extensive experience with the state and federal court system. Moreover, we’ve represented clients with misdemeanors up to felonies.

Part of our strength is that we are with the client every step of the process and make sure we put maximum effort into every case. After all, when there are attempts to deny persons of their freedom for months or years, every effort must be taken on their behalf. This type of response can be as simple as being sure to return phone calls or emails promptly.

Part of this effort can include taking the time to educate you on your family on the process, including upcoming hearings and the strategies that are going into your legal defense.

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