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Get Back on the Road: Driver’s License Reinstatement in Peoria IL

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Driving is an integral part of every adult’s life. However, if courts revoke your driving privileges, this can add extra complication to your life. Especially for cases where you feel you were not treated fairly, having your license taken away can be incredibly frustrating. So, if needing driver’s license reinstatement in Peoria IL to get your vehicle (and life) back on the road, call the team at Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates, P.C.

What Can Be Done?

Depending on the severity of traffic violation determines how long your license becomes suspended or if it becomes wholly revoked. Our team has helped hundreds of drivers get their licenses back in a timelier manner for either scenario.

  • Informal Hearings – If your license was taken away for less severe traffic violations, an informal hearing with the Illinois Secretary of State’s office might be the only thing you need to do. Our attorneys will discuss the merits of your case, whether it’s a first-time offense, if anyone was harmed, etc., with the SOS’s office. In the end, we will either negotiate to have your license reinstated or for you to receive a restricted driver’s permit for a time.
  • Formal Hearings – We must involve more procedures for restoring your driving privileges if your case was more severe (repeat DUIs, traffic violations resulting in fatalities, etc.). For a court to agree to a hearing, you’ll have to file paperwork, pay fees and have a date scheduled with the SOS’s office. Thankfully, our traffic lawyers are intimately familiar with the process. We help you prepare for your hearing and represent your case when a court is making a decision on your license reinstatement.
  • After Hearing Steps – To finalize your driver’s license reinstatement in Peoria IL, there are specific steps you must take after your hearing. Our traffic attorneys will help you wrap up loose ends and get you back on the road.

Further Legal Help

Traffic law is only one part of the legal services Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates provides Central Illinois residents. Whether dealing with a work accident or contested divorce, our attorneys have the experience needed to represent your case. For example, our practice areas include:

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Don’t let a license suspension or revocation be the final word on your traffic violation case. Find the support you need when seeking driver’s license reinstatement in Peoria IL with Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates, P.C. Call us today at 309-637-5297 to request a free case evaluation. Also, we are located at 456 Fulton St, Ste 222, Peoria, IL 61602.