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Avoid Future Property Problems with Real Estate Law in Bloomington IL

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Some of the most significant financial transactions many people will make are to buy, sell or rent a property. This can be a home for themselves or their family or it could be a business location that’s purchased or leased. Either way, this can complicate the process in terms of paperwork and funds. Getting a few details wrong, from a number to a geographic coordinate, can make things difficult later on. Forgetting to verify other information, such as liens or similar claims, can also delay or even cancel what seemed to be a routine transaction. That’s why a professional in real estate law in Bloomington IL is recommended. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, he or she can help you look closely at all the documentation.

The Experience You Need

Although working with a Realtor or listing agent is also recommended, he or she may not have advanced legal knowledge of property law like an attorney would.

The legal team at Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C., has been working with real estate clients collectively for more than 100 years. These include commercial and residential clients.

We’re familiar with Illinois property law, so we know what challenges can come up and what areas can be missed when property transactions are created.

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That’s why we’re available to help our clients anytime in the real estate process, preferably when a buyer starts to perform his or her research.

We can look at any property you are considering, and also the actual deed. We can also look at the fine print of any offers or closing documents to make sure everything is free and clear.

Our legal insights can also extend to less common arrangements like short sales or foreclosures, where the buyer may be getting a property at less than the market price, and the seller is eager to complete the transaction quickly.

Part of our legal services can also include any sorts of discussions or negotiations about titles or boundaries, including right of way and ownership.

The Roles of Renters and Tenants

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Familiarity with real estate law in Bloomington IL can go beyond looking at transactions. It can also include focusing on the investment side, especially property owners who rent or lease.

State law provides specific legal rights to landlords and different rights to tenants. But not everyone is fully familiar with these, especially if something is not going well like a tenant not paying or taking other actions that the property owner isn’t happy about.

An expert in real estate law in Bloomington IL can have a role in drafting or verifying that any kind of rental or lease agreement is legally binding. They also can assist if the agreement needs to be modified or broken for eviction purposes.

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