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A speeding ticket might not seem like a big deal at first. However, that ticket matched with additional citations such as parking tickets can quickly attribute to too many blemishes on your driving record. And with a spotty driving record comes more severe and long-lasting consequences with subsequent traffic violations. Thus, no matter the traffic violation you face, it’s crucial to challenge it with the help of traffic lawyers for Bloomington IL. Be sure to reach out to the team at Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates, P.C.

The Types of Violations We Handle

Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates has extensive experience managing traffic violation cases of all kinds. As such, no matter the severity (or lack thereof) of your case, it can benefit from having a lawyer represent your side of an argument. The violations we help our clients challenge include:

  • Moving Violations – As a driver, you must be familiar with all the rules of the road; as much of the law is meant to keep drivers as safe as possible. However, we all make mistakes while driving from time to time. Such mistakes can result in moving violations like speeding, running red lights, traffic collisions, not using signals, and more.
  • Non-Moving Violations – For violations that don’t involve when you’re driving your vehicle, these are non-moving violations. Such violations also address the safety of you and those around you. Included in non-moving violations are parking in fire lanes, parking in handicap areas without a permit, having an expired license or vehicle registration, etc.
  • DUIs – Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a specific type of moving violation. In Illinois, the penalties associated with DUIs are severe. If you face DUI charges, you risk steep fines, driver’s license suspension and possible jail time.

How Can We Help?

When hiring our traffic lawyers for Bloomington IL, we assess your case to determine the best method for handling your case. Our goal is to help clients successfully challenge traffic violations, have infractions removed from their driving record, or limit the impact of severe charges such as DUIs or hit and runs. In navigating your legal case, we provide service by:

  • Analyzing all evidence – If the evidence and testimony surrounding your traffic violation don’t support the crimes you are being accused of, we will either file for a dismissal of charges or argue your case in court.
  • Representing you in court – Hiring legal representation for your traffic case significantly improves your chances of reaching a positive outcome. Not to mention, a judge is more likely to consider the arguments of another legal professional.
  • Arguing your case – With all evidence and testimony gathered, we put together a complete picture of your traffic violation or accident. Our team can put together a defense that attempts to absolve you of responsibility for potential harm, damage or negligence.
  • Uncovering potential mishandling or wrongdoing – Just as no driver is perfect, the same can be said for the officers accusing you of breaking traffic law. Suppose there’s reason to believe an officer did not follow procedure in your pullover or arrest, or they improperly implemented field sobriety testing. In that case, our team will get to the bottom of such.
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