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For working adults, driving is an essential part of your daily routine. Thus, it can be more concerning than you might realize when facing traffic citations and violations. Not only do traffic tickets lead to increased insurance premiums, but too many violations can result in steep fines and potential revocation of your license. In response to such charges, you need traffic lawyers in East Peoria IL, willing and able to fight for your case. Allow Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates, P.C. to represent you if challenging traffic violations.

What Affects Your Driving Record?

It’s rare to see individuals without one or two marks on their driving records. After all, we’re only human! However, too many marks can lead to more severe penalties. Furthermore, major violations can quickly place your driving record in jeopardy. Thus, our team assists with traffic cases, ranging from simple moving violations to potential DUIs.

  • Moving Violations – All moving violations pertain to the traffic laws that target general reckless driving and more specific examples of recklessness, such as speeding, texting while driving, running red lights, failure to use signals, etc.
  • Non-Moving Violations – In Illinois, there are restrictions on parking your vehicle for the sake of people’s safety. For example, you cannot park in a handicapped spot without proper permits or zones marked as fire lanes. Non-moving violations also include driving with an expired license or vehicle registration.
  • DUIs – Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is classified as a moving violation, however a more severe infraction of the law. As such, the consequences associated with DUIs are harsher and don’t always consider a previously clean driving record.

How Can Our Team Help?

In response to traffic violations, our traffic lawyers for East Peoria IL help you navigate the court system to give you the best chance at a positive or neutral outcome for your case. Even speeding tickets, which can seem minor, can affect your driving record. Hence, our team will assist with your case by:

  • Negotiating on your behalf – Having an attorney represent you give your case more credibility in the eyes of a judge.
  • Evaluating all evidence and testimony related to your case – If a probable cause for your arrest or pullover cannot be determined from the evidence available, we can file for a dismissal.
  • Presenting an alternative argument – In cases of accidents or collisions, we can argue to the contrary for why you are not at fault for potential harm or damage.
  • Uncovering wrongdoing – If you were pulled over without proper justification, an officer did not follow proper procedure in a pullover or arrest, or a field sobriety test was mishandled, your attorney can uncover this wrongdoing.
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