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A car collision can be sudden and severe. Moreover, the repercussions from an accident can have lasting effects on you and your family. And in cases where the responsibility of the accident falls on the other driver, how is it fair to expect no help in the recovery process? Thankfully, with support from an auto accidents lawyer in Pekin IL, you can get the compensation you deserve from insurance companies and negligent parties. The attorneys of Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C. are always on your side.

The team of lawyers at Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C. have many years of experience handling auto accidents, in addition to other personal injury claims. When we take a case, we put our all into resolving it in a manner beneficial to you. After all, your case is as important to us as it is to you. We will guide you through the legal process, assisting with settlements, trials and more.

Why Might You Need an Attorney?

After a serious accident, it’s important to get ahold of a personal injury attorney right away. If you expect to be treated fairly by insurance companies without a lawyer, you’re in for a surprise. By having an attorney to fight for your rights, you can get proper compensation.

  • Versus Big Companies
    • The most recognizable insurance companies are all billion-dollar institutions, with hundreds of lawyers available. Ultimately, without lawyers of your own, insurance companies will look for the easiest way to get out of paying what they owe you. As dedicated professionals, we won’t let that happen.
  • Taken Care Of
    • The last thing you should be thinking of is fighting with insurance companies after getting into an accident. You should focus on helping your family, replacing your car or recovering yourself. By hiring one of our team of attorneys, we can handle the legal side of your accident, so you don’t have to.
  • Build Your Case
    • Without knowledge of personal injury law and the legal system, it can be near impossible to build a case for yourself without help. Instead, by hiring an attorney, we can assist you throughout the process. We are knowledgeable in estimating damages, gathering evidence and advocating for your rights in court.

We’ve Got You Covered

Although known as an auto accidents lawyer for Pekin IL, Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C. delves into a variety of other practices. We have been recognized as one of Central Illinois’ Top 3 law firms on five separate occasions for the past few years. With the inclusion of other personal injury cases, we also handle:

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