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As the weather becomes pleasant, cyclists throughout Illinois are pulling out their motorcycles and taking to the street. However, it’s important to understand both drivers and cyclists must be more aware than ever when sharing the road. Collisions with motorcycles can be severe to deadly, and the damage around them can be challenging to deal with. In such instances, you need the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer for Peoria IL. Give the professionals at Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates, P.C., a call.

No matter your injury claim, the attorneys of Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates are equipped to handle it. Together with witness testimony, evidence, police reports and medical bills, we build a comprehensive case meant to get you the compensation to support you and your family. For our work, we have been recognized at Central Illinois’ “Top 3 Law Firms” for five years running.

Best Ways to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident (And What to Do When One Occurs)

Together, drivers and cyclists can work to make roads and highways a safe place for everyone. However, there will always be some accidents, so it’s important to know what to do in the event one occurs.

  • Stay Alert
    • Motorcyclists aren’t always the easiest to see on the road. Due to the smaller size of their vehicles, they can often be overlooked by other drivers. This is primarily a concern when drivers look to turn or switch lanes without checking their blind spots. To avoid accidents with motorcycles, drivers must maintain a safe distance between themselves and bikes. Moreover, they must always be checking blind spots.
  • Stay Safe
    • For motorcyclists, certain precautions must be made to prevent severe accidents. As a safety measure, cyclists must always wear a helmet and protective clothing, so to best reduce the chance of severe injuries in case of an accident. Furthermore, those riding a motorcycle should only do so in optimal conditions, avoiding riding in the rain or on rocky roads.
  • Stay Informed
    • Naturally, accidents can still occur, sometimes to the fault of no one or the fault of someone else. For whatever reason you find yourself in a hospital due to injuries sustained on the road, give our motorcycle accident lawyer in Peoria IL a call. We can handle your injury claim by filing the appropriate paperwork, gathering evidence, negotiating with insurance companies and more. Moreover, we make sure to keep you informed throughout the entire process.
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The Legal Guidance You Require

While motorcycle accidents are always a concern for our attorneys, our team has the experience and knowledge to handle a variety of other legal services. You can count on Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates for representation in:

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