Probate Law Peoria IL

How Can a Lawyer Help with Probate Law in Peoria IL?

Probate Law Peoria IL

Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C. can guide you through concerns you have with probate law in Peoria IL. Call 309-637-LAWS for local attorneys who specialize in wills, trusts, guardianship, and all aspects of probate law.

If you are an executor of your loved one’s estate, our probate attorneys can simplify trust administration, estate administration, and probate matters for you. Our lawyers will act as your advocate and work on your behalf on legal matters with efficiency and skill. Let us do most of the work in helping you to navigate the probate process in a cost-effective manner. That way, you can focus on helping your family in the grieving process.

Your probate case might require knowledge of other areas of law including family law, real estate law, and business law. Our attorneys can put their knowledge of nearly every area of law associated with your probate case to ensure all issues get handled. No matter your circumstances, we can provide attentive and dedicated legal representation. Contact us today to get assistance with probate law in Peoria IL.

Do I Have to Hire an Attorney for Probate Law in Peoria IL?

State laws do not make it mandatory for you to hire a lawyer for assistance with probate law in Peoria IL. However, an executor may find it helpful to get legal representation for the estate. Here are a few ways we can help:

  1. Surety Bonds – Our attorneys can acquire a surety bond for the probate hearing. Surety bonds are important because they protect heirs from mistakes made during property distribution. Without assistance from our probate attorneys, you could make a mistake in trying to get surety bonds on your own. As a result, you will likely wind up paying higher premiums.
  2. Liability Protection – Executors are legally responsible for mistakes they make. Given the complexity and length of probate cases, mistakes can often happen. Therefore, our probate lawyers can prevent you from making a mistake that could get you sued by an unhappy heir. Plus, we can represent you to deal with unhappy heirs and lend our expertise on how probate law works.

When Should I Hire a Probate Lawyer?

Executors can find legal representation helpful to receive advice on state probate rules and how best to distribute property. When it comes to probate law in Peoria IL, there are a few factors that should make you think about hiring a probate attorney.

Probate Law Peoria IL
  • What type of assets are being distributed?
  • How much the estate is worth?
  • Will the family contest the will?

The type of assets in the estate plays a large role in determining whether the estate needs to go through the probate process. In addition, the value of the estate is important to determine whether it is large enough to pay off debts owed and outstanding debts. If it will not cover those debts, you should consider hiring one of our probate lawyers because there are rules about which creditors should get paid first. Meanwhile, you should hire a probate attorney if a family plans on contesting a will. That process will include several different legal issues that will require help from a lawyer to resolve.

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