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Don’t Get Taken Advantage Of: Hire a Workers’ Comp Attorney for Peoria IL

A worker in a construction accident, holding his knee and needing to speak with a Workers' Comp Attorney in Peoria IL

While you hope your employer is always looking out for your best interests, they have a bottom line to maintain for themselves. So, if you’ve been injured while on the job but feel like your company isn’t taking the appropriate steps to resolve your work-related accident, you may need to get an attorney involved. And if searching for an experienced workers’ comp attorney in Peoria IL, look no further than Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates, P.C.

When Not to Call an Attorney

Not every workers’ compensation case requires legal guidance from an attorney. Ideally, the vast number of employers will agree to treat you fairly upon receiving an injury in a workplace accident. Also, if your accident doesn’t require extensive medical treatment, doesn’t result in permanent injuries, or doesn’t require you to be out of work for an extended period, compensation can quickly be settled between you and your company.

When You Require Legal Representation

However, when your workers’ comp case grows complicated, you’ll need to hire an attorney. When we mean complicated, we are referring to instances where:

  • An Injury Puts You Out of Work – Whether permanently or temporarily out of work, there are workers’ compensation programs that can assist you while you recover. And a lawyer can help you determine what amount of compensation is appropriate for your injuries and wage loss.
  • Your Claim is Denied – With a denied claim for an injury that undisputedly happened while working, you’ll need a lawyer to help appeal your initial claim. The appeal process requires formal paperwork and evidence gathering, which a workers’ comp attorney for Peoria IL should be familiar with.
  • Withholding Agreed-Upon Treatment  – Even when negotiations for compensation seem to be productive, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get agreed-upon treatment from care providers. Instead, our attorneys can clear up any confusion and ensure appropriate compensation reaches you and your family.
  • Other Scenarios – Sometimes, a workers’ compensation claim can be denied due to preexisting conditions. Or, there might be a conflict of benefits you receive from workers’ comp and disability claims. Whatever the scenario may be, our law firm has addressed and resolved it.

More Legal Assistance

Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates devote our time to getting to know you and your case’s complex aspects. Beyond workers’ compensation claims, our law firm has incredible knowledge and experience in other popular areas of law. For example, our practice areas include:

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