SSI Disability East Peoria IL

Experienced Legal Counsel for SSI Disability in East Peoria IL

SSI Disability East Peoria IL

Stephens Fiddes, McGill and Associates, PC specializes in legal counsel for cases dealing with Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income SSI Disability in East Peoria IL. When you consult with us, you will receive counsel from a firm recognized as one of the top firms throughout Central Illinois. From start to finish, a dedicated SSI Disability attorney from our firm will work alongside you to attain the best possible resolution. Our attorney will assist with applications for aid, federal appeals, prehearing appeals, administrative hearings, or anything else required. We are proud to help clients receive the benefits they deserve to keep life moving forward.

Our lawyers treat all clients with dignity and respect. Plus, attorneys at our firm come with experience with cases like yours. We know that obtaining disability benefits you deserve can involve a difficult process. Other firms may handle SSI Disability cases, but few provide the experience and attention to detail it takes to overcome denials of your claim. For help with SSI Disability in East Peoria IL, call our firm now at 309-637-LAWS or send us an email.

Requirements for SSI Disability in East Peoria IL

You may not know program requirements if you are trying to apply for benefits by yourself when it comes to SSI Disability in East Peoria IL. SSI disability is a needs-based program initiated to assist with expenses for disabled people without a work history requirement. SSI Disability benefits may apply for people who have become disabled without an extensive history of work.

  • Adults and minors both can qualify for benefits.
  • You are not eligible unless you have low income and limited assets.
  • A serious physical or mental disability must affect you to become eligible.
  • Your disability must exist under current listings for adult or child impairments.
  • You must be prevented from earning a substantial income due to your disability to be eligible.
  • A physician must verify your disability and document it.
  • This disability must last or be expected to last for longer than a 12-month period.
  • You are not eligible if you earn more than pre-determined if working while disabled.

How Can an Attorney Assist with SSI Disability Cases?

Services from an experienced attorney can make a significant impact on your ability to collect benefits from SSI Disability in East Peoria IL. In fact, those who initiated the SSI Disability program made it difficult to receive benefits by design. They structured the program to make it hard for scammers to take advantage of it and earn income they do not deserve. Without counsel from a dedicated SSI Disability lawyer, you may find it difficult to navigate the process on your own.

You do not need an attorney to fill out the initial application for SSI Disability in East Peoria IL. Yet, the path to obtaining benefits involves much more obstacles after filing the initial paperwork. Did you know that most claims start the process by getting denied? Here is some additional information about trying to obtain SSI Disability benefits:

  • Over 70% of applicants receive a denial at the start of the process. In addition, many cases do not receive a clear explanation as to why benefits were denied. However, you can gain a better understanding of how to overcome the initial application denial with a SSI Disability lawyer.
  • Your case may require several appeals at different levels during the process. Each appeal level requires paperwork. A minor mistake on paperwork at any level of the appeals process can significantly damage your case. However, you can choose to let our attorneys prepare the documentation you need to avoid any mistakes.
  • Once your claim receives a denial, you can improve your case by obtaining legal counsel. The program may require your case to go all the way to the federal level on appeals. That will require a lot of time, travel, and work on your part if you try to represent yourself. Plus, you may not understand what conditions your application fails to meet to qualify for benefits. With our assistance, we can explain how to overcome the denials.
SSI Disability East Peoria IL

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Our law firm understands how complicated the process can get when you are trying to get benefits from SSI Disability in East Peoria IL. After all, the people who started the program made it complicated on purpose to cut down on fraud. You may not understand why your claim keeps getting denied. If that is the case, call our firm at 309-637-LAWS or send us an email. We can arrange a free initial case review to discuss how our firm can help you get the benefits you deserve.