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A totaled car from a collision with a truck, needing an Auto Accident Lawyer in Bloomington IL

After a severe car accident, you need help. And help doesn’t only come from family and friends. Sometimes you need legal help too. Thankfully, you don’t need to look too far for the right law firm to assist you in such scenarios. Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates, P.C. has incredible experience acting as your local auto accident lawyer for Bloomington IL.

From dog bites to nursing home neglect, Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates is familiar with every side of a personal injury case. And one of our primary focuses for personal injury lies with auto accidents and collisions. Our goal is to help our clients receive the compensation they deserve to return to some semblance of normalcy.

Differences Between Auto Accidents

After an auto accident, you’ll quickly find they are anything but easy to understand. Moreover, auto accidents fall under several categories and are handled differently by the insurance companies involved. Thankfully, our team is familiar with a variety of auto accident cases so that we can get you the best results.

  • Standard: Car Collisions
    • As far as car accidents go, a collision between two or more privately owned vehicles is the most “normal.” However, every accident varies based on severity. A minor fender-bender might not require an attorney at all. But a collision at an intersection where a drunk driver is involved requires the measured approach of an attorney.
  • Unique: Motorcycle Accidents
    • Motorcycle accidents are typically seasonal and are more unique than other car accidents. The reason for this is due in part to the stigma surrounding motorcyclists. Insurance companies often jump to conclusions, placing the blame solely on cyclists. So, it’s our job to work past assumptions and bring the truth to light, helping to prove your right to a settlement.
  • Difficult: Truck Accidents
    • A truck accident refers to a collision between your average vehicle and a semi-truck. These cases are often more challenging to pursue, as a truck company and their insurance support their truckers. However, we have plenty of experience (and success) trying such cases. If there were ever a law firm to tackle a truck accident, it’s Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates.

Our Legal Services

The aftermath of an accident on the highway, where the driver will need an Auto Accident Lawyer for Bloomington IL

If you don’t need help from an auto accident lawyer for Bloomington IL, you can count on Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates with other legal matters you may be facing. Our practice areas include:

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If the result of a recent car collision is severe damage and personal harm, you ought to talk to an auto accident lawyer for Bloomington IL right away. Be sure to give the team at Stephens Fiddes McGill & Associates, P.C. a call. You can contact us at 309-637-5297 for a free case evaluation. Also, we are located at 456 Fulton St, Ste 222, Peoria, IL 61602.