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Take Control of Your Accident with a Personal Injury Attorney in Bloomington IL

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Don’t let insurance companies dictate what you deserve to get for a recent accident. Especially for an accident that isn’t your fault, you need someone willing to stand up for your rights. As such, you need a personal injury attorney Bloomington IL residents count on. Fortunate for you, Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C. is ready to take on your most complicated personal injury claims.

Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C. has the experience locals look for when wanting to press a personal injury claim. We understand how difficult life can be after a severe injury. You don’t need negligent parties and insurance providers to make your recovery process any more complicated. Allow us to handle your claim and get you the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury Claims We Cover

Personal injury claims can take many forms. Thankfully, we are familiar with all types of cases that occur throughout Central Illinois. Our extensive knowledge of personal injury law will help you get your life and finances back on track. Here are a few examples of the claims we cover:

  • Auto Injury – When caught in a car accident, but are not the instigator of the collision, you have a right to compensation. This becomes especially true if you are facing extensive damage to your property or have a severe injury as a result.
  • Nursing Home Neglect – If you or a loved one are living in a nursing home, you deserve to have caretakers treat you with the utmost respect. However, if you ever face neglect or harm at the hands of facility staff, contact one of our attorneys immediately.
  • Animal Attacks – Any animal attack, but more commonly dog bites and attacks, are covered under Illinois personal injury law. By hiring our law firm, we will take steps to ensure you receive compensation for your injury, and the owners address their animal’s aggression appropriately.
  • Asbestos Exposure – When in an environment where asbestos is present, and you become sick due to exposure, you require legal representation. We take action to help prevent any further exposure and ensure your medical bills and recovery are paid for.

Assisting with Your Legal Claims

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Beyond what we cover as a personal injury attorney for Bloomington IL, we have the experience you look for when handling other legal matters. The team at Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C. takes great pride in the services we provide, and works to ensure every client has a positive resolution to their case. Other practices we cover include:

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Don’t let a severe injury you’re not at fault for ruin your life. Get the representation you need from the go-to personal injury attorney of Bloomington IL, Stephens Fiddes McGill and Associates, P.C. Contact us today at 309-637-5297 for a free case evaluation. Also, we are located at 456 Fulton, Ste 222, Peoria, IL 61602.