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Whether you’re a landlord or tenant, our knowledgeable legal team at Stephen Fiddes McGill is here for all of your real estate law needs. We have over 100 years of combined experience to guide you through residential and commercial purchases and sales. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of real estate transactions and have the skills to serve you on your Central Illinois real estate journey. Take a moment now to call the real estate attorney Peoria IL folks want.

On Your Side

While certainly no one envisions they are in the middle of a real estate lawsuit, sometimes circumstances transpire to make it so. If a landlord and tenant cannot agree, bringing in a lawyer might be a wise choice. Our law firm has seen many different real estate disagreements over the years, but some of the most common are disagreements over rental repair responsibilities, property maintenance and eviction. These topics fall under the umbrella of real estate law even though they involve rental properties. No matter if you are a landlord or tenant, if we take on your case, we consider you a valuable client to our firm. You can count on your questions being answered, your phone calls being returned and honest, informed legal advice every step of the way.

Buying and Selling

At first glance, it may not seem necessary to have the services of a real estate attorney when considering the transactions involved in this process. However, not every real estate transaction is cut and dry. There are many ways the attorneys of Stephen Fiddes McGill can make buying or selling property more streamlined. We have experience litigating boundary line changes as well as assisting with title disputes. We understand that purchasing a home or commercial property is one of the largest investments you will ever make, which is why you and your case will receive our attention every step of the way. Moreover, we provide other valuable legal services as your real estate attorney. For example, we:

  • Double-check that we prepare all relevant documents correctly
  • Ensure the property itself is ready for the transaction
  • Confirm that the deed is drafted properly
  • Make sure all the paperwork is ready for your signature.
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We’ll Take Care of You

So, whether you’re a tenant disputing distribution of a property deposit or an individual looking to sell a valuable commercial property, our legal team at Stephen Fiddes McGill can help. If you have questions regarding a real estate transaction, call our office today to book your free consultation. Our award-winning Central Illinois law firm has experienced lawyers to serve your needs.

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You can reach our Peoria office by calling (309)637-LAWS during regular business hours. If you’d prefer, we also have an online contact form on this website you can fill out at your convenience. Either way, you contact us, one of our staff will quickly be in touch. You won’t regret when you take a moment to call the real estate attorney Peoria IL folks want.